PS4 @ E3 2015 - Games You May Have Missed

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    At E3 every year, there are plenty of releases that fly a little bit lower on the radar because they aren't being made by a big AAA developer. They may be indie titles, they may be titles that just aren't big enough to get a slot in a major presentation, and they may be coming out so soon they aren't seen as worth covering in a major presentation. Either way, there are games that I haven't even seen mentioned that got their own live coverage during E3. Like the shameless guy I am, I stole all these links from someone on a different site, but they compiled it all so nicely I couldn't resist (I at least added release info and prettied up links myself). Some of this did get a little time, but for the most part, I don't recall seeing most of these titles get any significant talk time on a major level, so here they are. This is almost all live (well, previously live) coverage courtesy of Sony, which of course makes sense since I'm pretty certain these are all PS4 exclusive on some level (either full, console, or Playstation [yay a little Vita]). Lots of gameplay to see here with plenty of developer talk.

    There are too many videos for my taste to just have them all in the post, so here's links instead. Organized first by release date, then just whatever because TBA is TBA.

    Until Dawn - Release Date: August 25th
    Tearaway Unfolded - Release Date: September 8th
    Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below - Release Date: October 13th
    The Tomorrow Children (Trailer Only) - Release Date: Fall 2015
    Drawn to Death (F2P not P2W) - Release Date: TBA 2015
    Fat Princess Adventures - Release Date: TBA 2015
    Salt and Sanctuary - Release Date: TBA 2015
    Killing Floor 2 - Release Date: TBA 2015 (Currently on Steam Early Access)
    Willy Chyr's Relativity - Release Date: TBA 2016
    Shadow of the Beast - Release Date: TBA
    Battlezone (Trailer Only) (Project Morpheus) - Release Date: TBA

    I encourage you all to check out the Playstation channel on youtube if you want to see more of their live coverage from E3. They have videos with coverage of their big releases, although I haven't watched them to see if they go any further in depth than the presentation, as well as coverage of multiplats you may be interested in such as Mighty No. 9 and Dark Souls 3 (although the DS3 stuff is incredibly vague).

    I also encourage any PS4 owners and PC gamers to watch many of those videos above, as many of the more independent titles are also coming to PC, and I was interested in the vast majority of what was shown. All in all, these may not be the heavy hitters like Horizon and The Last Guardian, but they are worth checking out regardless for their creativity and some genuinely good looking games.
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    The Sony E3 was literally freaking awesome in every aspect, well, except for Dreams and CoD. Dreams was like watching someone's cartoon video than a game and CoD.. it's just meh.
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