PS3Xploit Tools v3.0 released

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    After a leak a week ago, the PS3Xploit team finished up their work and released v3 of their PS3 hacking tools, codenamed "HAN" for "etHANol". The exploit is compatible with all PS3 models, including previously incompatible Slim and Super Slim consoles on firmware 4.81 and 4.82. It should be noted that this will not let you install CFW like Rogero, Rebug and the likes if you own a PS3 that wasn't compatible with older versions of PS3Xploit before. Version 3 of PS3Xploit is a Homebrew Enabler, a set of six tools that let you re-sign and run pkg files on the PS3. Think of it as a "lite" version of the previous exploit. Nonetheless, with this you can still do many things you can do with a CFW, like running game backups and emulators. The difference is you just have to work for it.

    The way this exploit works is that it abuses a vulnerability found in "npdrm" that allows to resign packages with custom keys and make them installable from the XMB. Because of that you need an activated PSN account on your PS3, that, for obvious reasons, should not be your main account.

    So what tools are we talking about exactly?

    1. ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign.exe

    This is a PC tool that generates rif files and a new signed_act.dat.

    2. HAN Installer

    This will copy all necessary files to the PS3 to run HAN.

    3. HAN Enabler

    This will enable all requires patches for HAN.

    4. HAN ACT/IDPS Dumper

    This copies the PS3's IDPS and the current user's act.dat to a USB drive.

    5. HAN ACT/RIF Copier

    This is used to copy back the re-signed act.dat and generated rif files from a USB drive to the PS3.

    6. HAN Debug PKG Enabler

    This is an optional tool that let users install debug pkg files.

    All tools are available on the developers’ official website. Check out the source for initial instructions and the link below for discussion.

    :arrow: Source
    :arrow: Official Website
    :arrow: Discussion topic
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