PS3 v4.00 Firmware Update

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Another World, Dec 1, 2011.

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    The PS3 mandatory v4.00 firmware upgrade is now available. Many had suspected that this nice round number would include some new features, when actually it appears that only Vita owners will benefit from it. The update allows Vita users to marge PS3 content (movies, music, etc) to their new handheld. However, not all is lost for regular PS3 users. PS+ subscribers can now customize what content is automatically downloaded. There are also additional settings for filtering messages and a Blu-ray upscaler. Read more about the update via the link below.

    [​IMG] Update Information
    [​IMG] Source
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    Apparently it messes up PSP, PSOne Classics, and Minis to where you can't transfer them to a PSP. You need to delete all the games and redownload them to transfer to a PSP. Also the games are unorganized now. There's no way to put PSP games in a folder on the PS3, same for all of the PSP DLC. PSOne Classics can only go in a folder if you install them to the PS3, but then you wont be able to transfer to PSP without redownloading again. Hopefully Sony releases a fix for this in the near future.
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    Aww, they didn't even fix parental controls? You'd think five years would be enough to realize the current system doesn't work at all.
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    Not only that, but now every time you turn on the PS3 it gives you a frickin warning to read your manual for health info. Thankfully it only lasts for 3 seconds.

    And they still don't give the option to sort your downloaded titles alphabetically. Mine are all over the place, and there's lots of em! It totally goes against my digital organizational OCD!
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    OH HELL NAW! Bad enough with Nintendo pullin that shit, now Sony's doing it too? Man, I hope those idiots that ruined it for the rest of us by doing stupid things like playing 20 hours straight while suffering from epilepsy are happy now.
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