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    Could we have a PS3 game modding section kind of like ROM hacking for 3DS? There are some amazing PS3 game mods I want to post. Game mods from online hacking to offline hacking to actual modifications to the game. I think it's a good idea and that game mods that are really nice can get stickied. I will post a lots of game mods for the community, but I think this is a good idea. Some you may think this is stupid but you would be surprised at the game mods PS3 has and just how good they are.
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    I forgot
    There's not enough demand for a section like that for the PS3, 1 person posting threads isn't nearly enough of a reason to create an entire section. I'd recommend just creating one "Game mods" master thread in the hacking section instead and just keep the OP there updated, as I also think just continually posting game threads like that would both clutter up the section and would be unnecessary.
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