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    Jul 26, 2013
    So my ps3 fat occasionally has this problem that it suddenly disconnects from the internet and can't reconnect back until I turn it off again. It lists the error as a DNS server error but I figured out the DNS was not the issue because my laptop can still detect our wifi name, connect to the internet and see other wifi names in the area while the PS3 says "The access point was not found" when I go to -> Network Settings->Internet Connection Settings->Custom and Scan and can't connect again until I restart the unit. Same thing when I tried wired internet connection.

    Next, if I go to Internet Connection Test, it says FAILED at obtaining IP address immediately, as if it didn't even attempt to test the connection. It goes away the moment I restart it, I can connect to the net but the problem comes back again sooner or later. Lately, the problem has become too frequent, I don't even know if I should get this fixed because I don't know what to say to the repairman

    I really don't know any solutions to this as this problem. It seems too alien
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