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    Mar 25, 2008
    United States
    Generally speaking, I can take things apart, put them back together without issue, however, a new project has landed in my lap today.

    A friend's 2 year old spilled apple juice all over one of his PS3 controllers and he set me to cleaning it out, thing is, he'd already disassembled it so I got this zip lock baggy of parts in a jumble. Everything in it is completely straight forward except for this bizarre black bracket thing.

    It has three equal length arms that come out and down, or up.. not sure, to tiny pegs. As near as I can tell it belongs between the control pad and its rubber contact pad (it's the only part it fits really), but the three armed design gives me pause, coupled with it refusing to stay in place.

    I can provide pictures of it if need be, just didn't feel like digging up my sync cable to take them, and any suggestions would be appreciated in getting this blasted thing back together for his kid to flavor his beverages with again.

    [Edit: Been googling for this thing ages and FINALLY found where it goes via a grainy youtube video. Can't seem to find a method to close or delete this topic but if a Mod comes along and sees it, feel free to do so ;o ]

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