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    Apr 21, 2018
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    Thanks for your reply. I have progressed somewhat, I believe i have the correct IP figures, i have had errors 300, 301, 302, and 303 but (i believe) i can now log in. All the IP address' look right, the only issue with network config is that Share <name> is blank, if this is populated this will give me a '303: cannot open SMB share' error, hence i keep this blank. However my list of games is always empty no matter what i try and what combination i have tried.

    I have been successful in getting my PC to network to my PS2 and successfully load a PS2 ISO, it was able to see the ISO and boot it up, hence why i believe i'm on the right path but i think when i try to use the router, there is an option on the router that is stopping me from accessing files over the network. I'm not sure if its due to it having a password (i read forums stating this causes issues, having no password is not possible though) or the fact i can't select to share any folders via the router.

    I was able to enter the router via web browser, TELNET and via windows \\ This, i don't seem to have a problem with, i'm unable to change folder share options whilst entering via windows \\ method, i'm unsure if this is the problem. I'm using an NTFS USB stick in the router and nothing was seen but my C:\ drive is also formatted to NTFS so i don't believe format is an issue. I can only see the contents of my USB stick when TELNET-ing into the router and mounting the drive manually. Looks like i'll have to find a way to do this permanently as this is not done on power up or remembered, i also can't find a way to edit files over telnet from windows. When i mount the USB stick using "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt" the ps2 is still unable to see any ISOs.

    Settings are as follows:
    IP Address
    Subnet mask:
    DHCP Type: Server
    Start IP Address:
    End IP Address:
    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:
    Default Gateway:
    DNS Proxy: Enabled
    Sharing is enable on the router.

    PS2 OPL Network Config:
    advanced options: off
    Ethernet Link Mode: Auto
    IP Address Type: Static
    IP Address
    DNS Server:

    -SMB Server-
    Address type: IP
    Port: 445
    Share: <not set>
    User: admin
    Password: admin

    when selecting connect it seems to connect immediately, no timeout, no error message, no flashing loading playstation symbol which happens when changing other options which subsequently times-out, only an empty list.

    I feel Share could be an issue but it seems to only work when its left blank as when populated, returns error 303.
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    May 8, 2012
    don't bother with telnet, you don't need to fiddle with it for this to work and besides, it's useless, nothing is saved, so you wouldn't be able to set anything there that could be used later.

    it would be better if it was formatted in fat32, ntfs performs worse (as a linux device, it uses the ntfs-3g driver and it is known to hit the cpu of embedded devices pretty hard) and doesn't have write permission, at least in the one I have. I wouldn't be surprised if the one you have doesn't mount ntfs automatically, so better stick with fat32. before you ask about games over 4gb, you can use usbutil to split them.
    I also noticed that it can be stubborn with external harddrives, it mounts them no problem if you plug them when has already booted up, but if you plug an external hdd and then power up the minirouter sometimes it doesn't mount it and you need to unplug and plug it again for it to mount it. this almost never happens with pendrives. a red light should flash to indicate that a pendrive is plugged.

    this are the settings on my ps2:

    and this on the minirouter itself:
    internet settings:
    configured to connect to my home wifi.

    lan settings:
    everything stock here.
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