PS Vita Unboxing + New Infos

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    NEW INFOs:
    - PS Vita swings open like a door when two screws at the top are removed, from here the battery can be accessed (also fixed in place with two screws)
    ^ The battery in that pic is the big gray slab

    - Six Live Area apps can be open at once. When you open a seventh, the first app to be opened is terminated

    - You can have 100 Live Area icons on the main pages (you can delete icons, edit their order, the background image for those pages etc.)

    - When apps and games are downloaded in the background, installation will occur automatically

    - Web browser can be opened up in the background when playing a game or watchig a video, only some web page content is limited when in this mode

    - You can join another friends currently played game via their PSN profile

    - PS button flashes blue with notifications, messages and finished background downloading

    - Party chat app has these options: only invite users yourself, allow friends to invite other users to your party chat, allow friends to suggest inviting other users

    - If a friend is currently playing a game you don't own, a small icon will appear next to their username in party chat / messaging allowing you to skip straight to info / PSN purchase for that game

    - When playing music in the background for games or surfing, pressing the PS button allows you to open up a small toolbar for your music player

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    Ah the guy in the video speaks cantonese , so i understand whats he on about :P
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    Seems to have some pip in its step! Quick fast loading in game.
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    See, I guess you can view the web while playing a game.