PS Vita UK launch sales 'around one quarter' of PSP debut

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by OriginalHamster, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Sales of Sony's PS Vita console got off to a "disappointing" start in the UK, it has been confirmed.

    Week one Chart-Track figures reveal that Sony's new handheld device sold "around one quarter" of the number of the 185,000 PSP units shifted in the UK during its first week on sale back in September 2005.


    Although exact data has not been publicly announced by either Chart-Track or Sony, industry sources have confirmed that the figure is "just over half" of the 89,000 sold by the Nintendo 3DS in its first week almost a year ago.

    With pre-orders of Vita reportedly around the 70,000 mark, Sony will be hoping that the generally positive critical reception to its new device will coax cash-strapped consumers into shelling out for its next generation handheld.

    The news comes hours after Sony elected to publish a global figure for Vita sales to date of 1.2 million.

    With total Japanese sales confirmed as being 578,812 on February 19th, the remaining 600,000 will have been split between the remaining worldwide territories.

    Figures from other Western territories have yet to emerge.

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    While this was posted before this, the other thread already has all the conversation and stuff, and I see no reason to close it on the basis of calling shotgun.

    But thanks for the news though, keep on posting ;)
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