1. MilanWalter

    OP MilanWalter Newbie

    Sep 8, 2018
    Czech Republic
    Hello I have a serious problem with ps slim pch-2000 japan, vita was purchased as non-functional on replace parts from ebay, vita orange flashing but after 1 hour charging jumped, now there is a problem can not turn on wifi or bluetooth when the fall ps button on bluetooth the only icon I can not find the phone when I click on the wifi and go to the wifi setup will not find anything after the ps button is the wifi bluetooth and the gray plane and nothing can be turned on when I go back to bluetooth vita setting freezes another problem when I turn on airplane ps vita please write please wait for 1 minute to pop up the message and vita will turn off, please help attacking you something? vita was at 3.53 and I manually updated qcma to 3.60 but problems are still helping

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