PS Vita: Running TN-V11 on FW 3.36 & 3.50 Update?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by N3wbs, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. N3wbs

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    Feb 10, 2016
    Hello I would like to know if its most interesting to update my ps vita .. I am on the 3.36 or 3.50, I installed TN-V11 a while ago, I would like to know if its better to update in 3.60 with HENkaku's ..
    What i saw with my eyes .. i can do backups and install games, dlc's and even apps .. is what i can install ps vita games, psp .. spoofed the psn .. play online .. Have access to the console in admin mode?
    I found that with the TN-V11 I was very limited and even my snes emulator was not fluid and it lag a what I can install emulators? I know you will probably tell me to read the forums before polishing the forums but I'm not very active on the forum * Ps Vita * I'm more 3ds A9HL / luna3DS, Wii U Rednand + Sigpatcher -fix94 - dimok Lol. Let me know what is best for the console .. for now the console serves my little girl listened to mickey mouse lol .. i think i could do something more interesting with this console that cost me $ 350 thanks Has given me your precious time
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    Manually update your Vita to 3.60; everything you can do on 3.5x or lower you can pretty much do on 3.60 (Except or PSM Dev access), amongst a massive ton of other things.

    With 3.60, you are able to install actual Vita homebrews instead of looking towards the PSP homebrews (for instance, you stated SNES emulators through TN-V11 weren't reliable, however installing the SNES Retroarch homebrew for Vita on 3.60 will allow you to play games pretty much at a stable 60fps.)
    And yes, there is the obvious Vita backup loading. But no PSN spoofing/online play on 3.60 anymore, as that recently broke and isn't the devs' top priority to get fixed at the moment.

    If you're still interested in playing PSP backups, Adrenaline eCFW is the way to go there. It contains more enhanced features than any of the other previous eCFWs, such as custom screen filters, and plugins that allow you to use the right analog stick for camera movement in specific games (there is currently such a plugin for GTA VCS/LCS at the moment).
    You will need to set up taiHENkaku instead of the normal HENkaku in order to use it, as it involves setting up a new kind of plugin.

    Regarding access to "admin mode", an app called VitaShell allows you to manage pretty much all the filesystems on your Vita, with read-only access to the more important filesystems and also full access to the memory card and the safer filsystems. (It is also the main app used to install Vita backups/homebrews)

    If you have any other questions or queries, fire away. I'll do my best to answer them.
  3. N3wbs

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    Feb 10, 2016
    Thank you for replying, I think I prefer the Adrenaline Ecfw / taiHENkaku which seems to have more option and I like psp games too .. yes vitashell can do the FTP too?
    do you have a tutorial for me? to install Adrenaline Ecfw / TaiHENkaku
    i cant do the 3.60 update now because i have no wire to make the connection to my pc to transfer the file.. i will go bought one in store later ..
    For now I am not in a hurry to play online or spoof the psn but my priority is to be able to use my console to the maximum .. thank you for your advice.

    Ps : i found this tuto.
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    Yes absolutely update to to 3.60 for warez! There's no reason to remain on lower firmware anymore, except for having native PS1 emulation, but this can be achieved just fine via Retroarch. Use Adrenaline for PSP ISOs/homebrews.
  5. Tom Bombadildo

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    I forgot
    You won't need to use the QCMA method anymore, as yifan_lu has created a DNS server that allows you to update to 3.60 as you would normally. < Follow the instructions from this, and you can update straight to 3.60 without using QCMA or anything else.

    As for tutorials installing Adrenaline, you can follow this

    Since you're using TNV-11, you should already have a PSP game installed so just follow the method at the very top of the page.
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