Hacking PS Vita changing of PSN accounts


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Jul 17, 2008
Hi, I have some questions and scenarios that's making me confused so if possible, pls let me know any way to do this.

Scenario 1:

PS Vita Slim, 3.60 (Henkaku)

Me and my brother have been sharing the same PSN account for quite some time now and we don't mind. But when he finally decided to get a Vita (3.60 Henkaku) as well and we did ad-hoc, both our names are the same. So I would like to have my own account but I cant seem to do so anymore because I need to update my PS Vita (but of course I dont want that or I wont be able access Henkaku anymore).

Is there a way I can switch PSN accounts without the need of any updates and if possible, I wont lose any of my save files from my MMC. If not, I can always back up my save files, I just want to change PSN account on my Vita.

Scenario 2:

PS Vita Slim, 3.60 (Henkaku)

A friend of mine also bought a Vita recently and it doesn't have any PSN account. So whenever he will play ad-hoc with us, he always appears as user711. I know this is not much of a big deal but is there any way we can add an account on his Vita without the necessary update?

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