PS Vita cant connect Windows 10 USB

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    Jan 2, 2017
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    So I have a PS Vita I bought second hand its in great condition and its on 3.51. Currently I am trying to get the system to 3.60 for all of the obvious reasons. I have content manager assistant installed on my computer. If I go to devices and hardware my system detects the Vita. The Vita doesn't show up in the explorer where all other usb drives or devices that are functioning pop up. I am using a usb 2.0 port and everything.

    I tried to connect over wifi and my system and CMA recognize the device and allow me to connect. The only issue is it wants to update my system and I don't want to go to 3.63.

    I have removed the vita from the hardware menu I have unplugged the console restarted the computer and it reinstalled the drivers but I still cant connect. What is going on I cant seem to find a solution. I turned off my firewalls and I have exhausted all of the options and work around's I could find.

    Does anyone have some sort of solution I could try?
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