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    Aug 17, 2016
    United States
    Strange issue not sure how to fix at all >? but all my games as soon as they connect to a Online game COD /Quake 3 / Killzone Ect ..... they just crash ? which is strange because they always used to be fine .............. anyone else had this issue & fixed it >?
    I find this especially interesting because I'm fully able to download games & Apps from VHBB or Easy VPK but as soon as I start a game and get to loading and just about to join ANY ONLINE game COD /Quake 3 / & Killzone which I know the server has or has been shut down & but COD & Quake Always used to work...

    All I have done recently on my Ps Vita recently is...

    The Super Mario 64 PC Port
    The Attack On Titan 2 English Patch

    I doubt these have anything to do with my issue at all I'm just mentioning them incase someone else had a similar issue as mine....
    After putting the same games on Vita..
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