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    Oct 1, 2010
    Sony has release PS Vita 3.69 firmware patches h-encore exploit, no plans for future hacks

    Hacker TheFlow, who was behind h-encore, has confirmed on twitter that Sony patched the kernel exploit. He however mentioned that another bug was involved in his hack, that Sony did not fix.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that 3.69 can be hacked anytime soon. For all intents and purposes, h-encore has been patched by this new firmware update, and TheFlow has confirmed he will not be releasing a new exploit for the console. Given how involved that kind of work is, and the dying popularity of the PS Vita (among users as well as hackers), there’s a strong possibility that 3.68 could be the last hackable firmware for the console.

    attached screenshot from TheFlow twitter statement about the 3.69 update patch.

    After the release of the patched TheFlow has already posted the H-Encore write up on how he manage to hack the PS Vita and it's flaws. See github link:

    Here is a Youtube video link form Skullator NZ informing you about the patch and how to avoid your PS Vita from updating from it.

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    September 11, 2018 ... 3.69 Vita firmware Released

    Retropie KODI Build, Binary, No Daily Builds (Kodi 17.6 Git:20171115-d69a54a - Compiled 11/23/2017) (Current for about 2 years now)

    This is after the "LOLIcon" HotFix A, for Vita update to replace "oclockvita" as the best, governor for stable speed on hacked vita (not really for overclock)


    Maybe this Mean we'll have a new Binary for KODI by the end of this year? Or maybe, news about the Romancing Saga Port for the Vita from the Snes, we only got one so far, but there's another with no info, maybe we'll get that, not that there no point to it....................its not to difficult to fix a broken vita, for a few buck, it will be worth it just not for a full price new system.

    (Maybe Vita will adopt a Streaming Service like KODI, not to late to do that.....................KODI is just a media player, use your own movies, but with, "Free Addons, Free Movies ... "Placenta, Galaxy, Numbers, Magicality", but you know what, I couldn't get Neptune Rising (the Covenant/Exodus, Addon Replacement) work, you know liket Hyperdimenson Neptune!

    (the retropie has its video licenses for m-peg dvd, completely free, as patent expired, but I don't with ps4, they have problems with licenses, and all codes are really free, if you don't limit the providers, all goodies for sure!)

    (scratch that, just got Neptune Rising installed kodi/retropie, maybe a change of heart from the flow by the holidays)
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