Homebrew PS-Phwoar! is an eye-catching, up-to-date PS4 5.05 Exploit Host Menu

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    @Leeful, a name you likely recognize if you're familiar with the PS4 scene, has released a brand new exploit host menu called "PS-Phwoar!". The menu is compatible with PS4 consoles running firmware 5.05 and comes with a great number of useful and up-to-date payloads, including (but not limited to!) essential ones like Hen (Homebrew Enabler), Bin Loader (executes binary payload files over the network) and ReactPSPlus (reactivates Playstation + titles). What makes this menu stand out, however, is the inclusion of new backup/restore functions, an improved fan control payload and, last but not least, a pleasant user interface inspired by the PS4's home menu aesthetic. PS-Phwoar! can be installed from USB, a PC, an Android phone/tablet or using an ESP8266 device (which is a programmable, standalone Wi-Fi module).

    As hinted before, there are many, many more payloads bundled with PS-Phwoar!, like GTA V Mod Menus, Linux loaders and game/content dumpers. Here is a complete list:
    You can find download links and read more about PS-Phwoar! by heading over to its official GBAtemp thread linked below!

    :arrow: Official GBAtemp Thread
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