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    what are the pros and cons of jtaging a xenon

    and what do you need to jtag (hardware)
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    Pro- everything- ability to run XBLA, DLC, games from USB, games from internal hard drive, homebrew, hacked games, system link over the internet with the host being a stock machine if you want, dash hacks (controller remapping for games and such) and the list goes on. Note that although JTAG machines can dump keys as yet there is no 360 side DVD reflashing so you will have to flash the drive somewhat more conventionally (although the annoying step of dumping a DVD key is a matter of asking the JTAG machine for it)

    Con- no xbox live I guess.

    To JTAG a machine does not require an awful lot and indeed you can probably grab everything you need (assuming you have a parallel port for the NAND dumping- USB will require a bit of effort) from any electronics shop. MS did block it back in August 2009 though so it will need to be at a lower update level.
    To initially do a RGH hack (which can be done for pretty much everything although it gets somewhat to much harder if you have updated things in the last year or so, newer mods depending) will probably see you ordering stuff in from the internet at about the price of a couple of games or a maybe a game. Once it is done it has all the pros of JTAG and the only additional con* is it might take a shade longer to boot up (could be instant, could be slightly more or could be about 20 seconds at most) although newer mods and better gear do well here.

    Alas my usual link for a tutorial seems to have gone but and should be able to get it done in the meantime. has some decent information on the various RGH methods but those are somewhat in flux and that will be biased towards their hardware (good stuff but not the only thing out there).

    *there are ways to do a dual NAND and keep the RGH machine open for live and RGH (not at the same time mind) but they are annoying to do- the idea is you keep a "stock" NAND and that updates and then swap to a RGH one via hardware switch of some form.
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    I shouldn't jTAG a Xenon.

    They tend to..... overheat a lot.

    Best option is to go for a Falcon or greater.
    Less heat, longer console lifespan.

    jTAG's and RGH'd consoles are neat little machines and are quite valuable.
  4. C-Kronos

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    Keep in mind that it's going to be a pain to find a console that's able to have the JTAG modification done on it.. Are you guys sure the OP isn't just grouping all 360 hardware modifications into a single term dubbed "JTAG?" The reason I'm asking this is because I've came across dozens of people who seem to think JTAG is exactly the same as RGH, so they want to keep calling it JTAG because they're too busy herp derping to learn anything.

    Also, a Xenon is garbage, it's a lot more useful for target practice with a high powered firearm than anything else, it might also make a neat doorstop. Also, if you're really thinking of RGH instead of JTAG, keep in mind that RGH on Xenons sucks majorly, and they have the longest boot times out of all 360 revisions.

    With some of the more recent glitch chips for RGH, you can tinker with stuff to get the boot up time to pretty much be instant. Also, what one of the people who commented on this thread saying that the RGH modification has gotten more difficult to do obviously lacks the proper knowledge of it. Just because RGH2 and RGH3 require using different points to solder your wires to, doesn't mean it's more difficult. Not to mention, once you have your CPU key, you'll always be able to perform the reset glitch hack on your 360, it just may take a bit for devs in the 360 scene to get everything working how they want when a new kernel patch is released.

    Heck, I'd say it's gotten a lot easier to RGH a 360, because most chips that are being sold now no longer require the standby clock point, as newer glitch chips can generate the 48MHz needed with an onboard crystal oscillator.

    Basically, if you can perform the JTAG hack on a 360 without issue, it won't be a problem to RGH a console, it'll just take a little bit more time. FAST, I'm not trying to insult you in any way, I'm just saying it's not as difficult as you made it out to be.
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