Proper way to system transfer emunand to sysnand

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    May 28, 2015
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    So I came across this post here on the forums from last year:

    So if I am correct, what steps do I have to do to fully erase the old source console of every ticket from my sysnand. Partially its because before we had a gateway on this 3ds we had some legitimate purchases that moved over to emunand when we made one for gateway. And since that post above references that the ticket will still be there we want to make sure that our target 3ds will not be flagged by nintendo as its moving a console that has no hacks on it.
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    I just made a guide here:

    In my case, I had a sysNAND backup with no illigitimate CIA's installed. Basically in your case, I think you will also have to have a backup from a time before any illigitimate CIA's were installed and go from there.

    In my guide, there's a link to a guide on MaxConsole for transfering emuNAND to emuNAND which may work better for you if your target system is exploitable.
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    If you don't need to ST from/to non-current version, then:

    1) Make an image of Source 3DS's SD card.
    2) Do the ST.
    3) After the ST being done, restore the Source's SD card image.