Project M Gets Official Name: "Moon"

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by GeekyGuy, Mar 14, 2008.

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    It's going to be another "dark" game for the DS. Not certain yet if it's technically a survival-horror game or in the first-person, as was Dementium, but Gamespot reports: "The game will use the same 3D engine the team used to create Dementium: The Ward."

    The setting is, as you may have guessed, on the moon. It's a future-type thing. This time, however, not being published by Gamecock, and that could prove to be a good thing. I, for one, was not pleased with the save system in Dementium, and it's my hope Renegade Kid was not behind that design choice. I'll look forward, therefore, to seeing how this game shapes up.

    Source: Gamespot
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    I read an interview and it was RK's choice to not put a save in the game as they thought that it would make the game intense. It did but annoyed a lot of people. My only problem with the game was the level design. For a first DS game though it was outstanding, and used the sound amazingly well and for me is still the best FPS on the console. Though playing it a second time round had lost a lot of its edge for me.

    I hope that they saw the criticism of that game and will use it to help the next title.
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    The engine was good.. but there was some very bad design decisions on Dementium.. the save system was one.. another thing that pissed me off was that if you killed a monster and got out of the room.. when you went back to the room, the monster was back! But the items just vanished when you got them.. and was hard to find ammo in that game.. that was really annoying..
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    Exactly the same for me. And that save system didn't made the game more enjoyable [​IMG]
    The sound and the visual were good, other than that.

    If they're gonna do a game with a good save system, I'm all for it.
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    Renegade Kid say that its gonna be "frequently violent" and "always disturbing."

    So another M rated DS title to look forward to. I wouldn't be surprised if its called Dementium: The Moon, unless of course Gamecock own the name.

    I didn't mind it not saving until you finished a level, it made the game challenging but then I've been playing games for a very long time and remember when the only thing that was saved was the score.

    RK have started a blog:

    The hype starts now I guess.