Project M + Brawl EX/Project M EX for Homebrewed Wii?

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    Apr 14, 2017
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    I've been looking for a good tutorial for installing "Project M + Brawl EX" (or "Project M EX", whatever it's called), and the best [and only] one I'm able to find has only PC Dolphin Emulators for PM in mind (as quoted by the author of the tutorial: "This tutorial was written with only Dolphin-users in mind. I haven't been able to get PM+BeX working on Hackless Wii (I think v0.2 bricked my Wii...), and I've yet to hear anything about Homebrew.") And I was wondering if there was a way to install this mod onto a Homebrewed Wii, as well as if I can find a good tutorial or if someone can help walk me through it.

    Things that you might want to know just in case they mean something:
    • I have Project M v3.6
    • I have an SDHC card instead of a normal SD card
    • Project M is no the only thing I have on this SD card, I also have SNES9xGX, VisualBoyAdvanceGX, and Wii64 on there as well.
    • The Version of my Wii is 4.3U
    • If I'm able to get it on my Homebrewed Wii, I plan on getting PM+BeX v0.5