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    Ok once upon a time there was a Commodore 64 (also on other platforms) game called Great Giana Sisters. It totally ripped off Super Mario Bros and Nintendo got the publishers to remove it from the shelves.​
    In 2009 Spellbound Interactive bought the game back to the DS and it was more than just a clone and for me it was a very good platformer.​
    Then there is this Kickstarter campaign for Project Giana, which brings the sisters back into the modern platforming world and it's looking very promising. Rather than just use the Mario style they're going in a different route. Check out this trailer​
    Looks snazzy! It plays well too! Over at the Kickstarter page there is an actual demo to play as well as a new vid (that I can't seem to work here) that explains more about the gameplay. I really hope this gets the amount it needs (lesser projects have) and if it doesn't then I hope they can still carry on with it. So far it has $22,930 left for it to go before it is funded but it does have 5 days to go.​
    The game is heading to PC first and then XBLA & PSN. The team has also expressed interest in Wii U & Ouya.​

    [​IMG] Kickstarter campaign
    [​IMG] Destructoid's "Six Reasons to Support Project Giana.
    [​IMG] On-Going Discussion
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