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    Q:What is Project Dumped Wiiware?

    A:Project Dumped Wiiware is a non-profit organzation that have a point of views to get users, wiiware that are not dumped yet within about two weeks. Our missions is to get almost all wiiware that are not dumped by others users.

    Project Dumped Wiiware is at your services! When wiiware aren't dumped for about two weeks, we will try to get those dumped. We have organize this thread into Intro, Points, Games Dumped, and FAQ. We, the Project Dumped Wiiware want Gamers and Wii fans to enjoy the full extention of Nintendo Wii.

    unDumped Wiiware Games
    How do we get which one to be dumped? Our system is very simple. We'll list the games that are not dumped and will have a vote. Which one get the higher percentage wins. Sometimes we will get a different certain amount of number of wiiware we will dump. We'll have a small summary and details about each games.

    Rules about voting

    This is a serious project that must not have a foul. Please vote truthfully, because we want your opion. Please only vote one games each week.

    Current Undumped Wiiware Games:
    Wiiwares acepting: 2-4
    Last Updated: August 2nd, 2008

    Coming soon!
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