Tutorial [Project Diva Mega Mix] How to add Steam MegaMix+ DLC to switch version...


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Mar 28, 2008
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Hatsune Miku Megamix+ DLC purchased from Steam
VGMToolbox (optional)
video converter (optional)
here's a free portable encoder
PS4 Hatsune Miku Future Tone Color DLC (optional)
misc addons + patches (optional)

I know the MegaMix+ DLC will eventually be released for switch, but this is a quick guide for the impatient.

1. extract diva_dlc00.cpk with MikuMikuModel
2. put "rom" folder in "rom_ps4_dlc"
3. place pv_db.txt in "rom_switch_en"
4. copy both folders to "atmosphere\01001CC00FA1A000\romfs\"

that was the easy part.

if you don't care about videos for a few DLC songs, you can skip the rest.

the hard part is that MM+ uses .usm for video files. you must either convert them to mp4 or use files from other versions (PS4 preferably cuz 1080p)

Kagamine HachiHachi is not available on PS4 so you must convert this file anyways and need additional mod to add it back to the list.

if you have access to PS4 Color Tone DLC pkg you can extract MP4s and place in "rom\rom_ps4_dlc\movie" folder

if you don't have access to ps4 files, you must extract usm with vgmtoolbox and convert to mp4
in vgmtoolbox, under misc. tools -> stream tools -> Video Demultiplexer -> Format -> USM
drag and drop usm files. re-encode m2v files to mp4 and place in "rom\rom_ps4_dlc\movie"

if you use the encoder i linked, use these options:
video codec: h264
audio codec: direct copy

video and audio options
video bitrate: 10000
Common Sizes: 1920x1080
FPS: Same as source
Aspect Ratio: Keep
x264 tab:
Use advanced x264 options
Profile: High
Level: 4.2

encoder: FFMPEG
container: mp4

these settings are copied from the ps4 mp4 info and tested on the Kagamine HachiHachi video (pv_618.usm)

adding removed content:
if you don't know about the hatsune miku mod discord, i wouldn't bother too much and just enjoy the DLC until it is officially released.

EDIT: i added the mods so just download them and place them in the proper places

these songs are missing and need mods to be added back
Kagamine HachiHachi, saturation, ieven pokka, nekomimi archive, senbonzakura, white dove

look for these mods in mod-showcase
Name: saturation and Kagamine HachiHachi Flower Fight patch
place "main" into "atmosphere\01001CC00FA1A000\exefs"

Name: Hato (White Dove)/NekoMimi Archive/Ievan Polkka/saturation restoration (Restore Cut Songs)
place all files in "rom" in "atmosphere\01001CC00FA1A000\romfs\rom_switch_en"

if you did everything, you should have all 252 songs working

edit: added video encoder and options
edit2: added missing song mod files


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  • saturation + Kagamine HachiHach menui 1.04 .zip
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