Programm the Wiis NAND?


Feb 3, 2009
Gambia, The
So I came across bushings' blog There is no one in th scene, who doesn't know this awesome site. But bushing bought the new Handheld console Nintendo DSi, the "new" DS. He and marcan were here in berlin, Germany, at the 25c3, the 25 Chaos Community Club meeting. pytey has borrowed bushing his "Intelligent Universal Programmer"; it's defect and, as I could follow, bushing wanted to repair it.... This device is very expensive (990$ or something like that!). In a comment the user skiddd has written:

The “hacked” version of this device is the “UP-48? which was a discontinued programmer from

I have this as well as the updated versions but I find it very expensive to work with as you need to buy $$$ BGA/TSSOP adapters.

Nowadays, I just use the JTAG software from and design a simple PCB using eagle for the flash chip I want to dump. I put a blank coolrunner2 CPLD with the flash chip as well for the JTAG connections. It takes a very long time to dump big chips, but all in all it will just cost you about 10-15 U$D for the PCB even if the flash chip is a BGA type ;0) …]

So: Is this is a possibility to DUMP the NAND of the Wii. Is this a possibility to dump anything from a Chip, an IC? If you know HOW it works, and what it really is, please PM me!

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