Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Undub--help?

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    Hi all--I'm just getting started on my first undub attempt, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

    Basically, I just replaced all of the contents of the ENG "data\data_lt2\stream\event", "\data\data_lt2\stream\movie" and "\data\data_lt2\stream\[files only]" with the JAP version, and got OK results. The movie and non-movie dialogue became maybe 85% undubbed.

    Stuff that became Japanese:
    • All (?) of the movie dialog
    • Most of the in-game dialog
    • The "Puzzle Complete" statements by Layton and Luke. (note that these don't have subtitles like other in-game dialog)
    Stuff that remained English:
    • Random sentences in the in-game (non-movie) voice. (I noticed during the first 10 minutes of the game: (1) Dr. Hershel reading his letter: "What's more, I believe I'm on the cusp of unraveling a great mystery tied to this box. [break] (2) For the moment, let's just say I have a theory...", and (3) Chelmey at the scene of the crime: "What in the blazes!? That's my face, not some piece of taffy!" and a bunch of others)
    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on figuring out how to fix those random sentences, since I'm basically just randomly copying over files that look potentially important right now. I haven't found a good undub guide and the only tool I currently have is DSBuff. It works great for unpacking/packing, but if there are any tools that allow you to preview in some way the custom-format DS files, that would make the whole process lots easier.

    For the first Prof. Layton game, (short thread here ), it looks like you needed to also rename the stream files in some way. Note also that there are two extra directory structures in the JAP version of the game, that aren't in the ENG version: "\data\data_iz\[...]" and "\data\data_lt1\[...]", both of which have a "sound" subdirectory.

    And of course if someone wants to be reaaallly nice and just figure out the best way to undub this, I won't complain! [​IMG] I figure there's a chance I'm just missing some easy way to do this.