Professor Layton and the diabolical box (Save file)

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    Nov 20, 2005
    Yesterday I was messing around with some of the settings of my R4 card and it seems that it corrupted my entire micro SD card. I was playing Professor Layton and the diabolical box (USA version) and I was getting to the point where I went to the mine to dig up (no pun intended) some info on the Folsense mystery, right after exiting the Folsense museum (Around 104 puzzles solved and 135 gold coins collected).

    Sadly, I didn't back up my save files, so I lost all my progress. Does anybody have any save files before that point that they could share with me? I spent over 6 hours getting every puzzle (full picarats) and every gold coin so far, and I wish there was a way I didn't have to start over.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    P.S: I initially posted this thread in the NDS - Games section. My apologies for the spam.