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    (Note: it may contain wrong spelling because i'm only 14 and dutch! [​IMG])

    DS Game Review

    Professor Layton and The Curious Village


    Aristoteles said before: 'The whole is more then the sum of parts'. That means surely for the puzzle-adventure game Professor Layton and the Curious Village, where two gaming elements are fused together.

    One way Prof. Layton is an adventure game, in tradition from titles like Phoenix Wright and Sam & Max. Layton, a genuine professor who likes to wear a high hat, travels together with his young assistant Luke to a mysterious village called 'St. Mystère'. He hopes to find the clue about the mystery around the inheritance from Baron Reinhold: a treasure named 'the Golden Aple'.
    As the player you wander around with Luke and the Professor through the village, let them ask questions to the villagers and collect stuff. In Laytons notebook are automatically annotations made through the story - not an uneeded thing, because on the way go the story becomes harder and harder. Who killed Reinholds inheritor? How is it possible Reinholds widow looks exact the same way as his first wife? Who is the bearded figure who kidnappes villagers and why do the kidnapped villagers don't remeber anything about it? And what is the role of the mysterious tower, who throws his shadow over St. Mystère, with its scary sounds at night?


    The story is layed down on a nice way: the partially European looking drawings is very nice and the small movies which ends every chapter are extremely nice. But if The Curious Village a pure point and click game was it would have been a waste of time. Therefore the adventure is simply to lineair and to easily made.
    More from location to location and villager to villager and sometimes show some person some thing is not needed. There are countless mysteries and secrets, but these will be 'automatically', in the conversations and movies, exposed.
    But luckily this game isn't a point and click adventure game, in place of that it is mostly very prominent made puzzlebook. The gameplay is mostly brainbreaking puzzles: riddles, shit puzzles([​IMG]) and logic puzzles. You know the types.

    'I heff tvelve matchsteek'
    Almost every villager of St. Mystère has a puzzle for the good old prof. and his assistant Luke - next to that Layton has some in his own head to give Luke some more 'make your crunch' puzzles. Almost never the puzzles have a concerned meaning to the story; most times they are even a bit clumsy pasted to the story. Why do all these villagers think about riddles, when murder, kidnapping and agitation trouble their village? And if Layton is that busy with mysteries, where does he have time for interludes like 'Hey luke, look that dirty old pot of glass makes me think about a riddle with bacteries!'.
    In the beginning is the correlation a bit strange, but it masters very quickly, partially because the game has some self-mockery at this point. After some time you accept this because the villagers of St. Mystère are obsessed by puzzles.
    There are more then 130 puzzles in the game, from the many 'be fooled' puzzles, it is sometimes nice to act with them. Most of the puzzles make good use of the touch screen interface: sometimes u just need to put in a number and it is clear or cutting a rope. It's is all just easy!

    The Secret

    The puzzles are suitable for young and old, smart and dumb: who thinks the puzzle is a bit to spicy can buy a hint with a hitn coin you get through the game from, for example, barrels u touch when your somewhere in the village. If you really don't bite it you can skip the puzzle and go on with the story, but thats not possible with every puzzle.
    The game has a pleasant and calm rhythm which, when it gots you, don't let you go. Is the adventure at it's end, you always have the left over puzzles and the puzzles you couldn't solve to make. And if thats finished u can download, through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, weekly a new puzzle. As an adventure game The Curious Village is fascinating, charming and even stunning, but it is a bit simple and lineair. And as collection of puzzles it is variated, even when the never ending wave of puzzles a bit boring. The Secret was the combination: The whole is more the the sum of parts. On the other way: 1+1=3. Fascinating huh?

    The scores
    Graphics: 4 1/2 out of 5
    Sound/Music: 4 1/2 out of 5
    Gameplay: 4 1/2 out of 5
    Play it again?: 3 out of 5

    Good things:
    A supercharming combination of a puzzlegame and a nice storyline, displayed in a nice drawing style. Many variating puzzles

    Bad Things:
    Integration of puzzles in to the story could have been a bit more elegant. Finished is a kinda finished.

    A video about The Curious Village:

    The Next Layton title in the trilogy:

    This is my Review at the moment can people say what they think about it?
    And please can i have an hour extra delay because my review isn't finished and i need to train for my sport this evening i can finish it then! Plz Staff!
    I finished it!
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    ^^First thing I think of when I think of this game [​IMG]

    Nice review, I also loved this game, one of the best for the DS.