Prof Layton Upload?

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    Feb 7, 2008
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    Now, I been looking for ages (okay, it's 2 days) [​IMG] Prof Layton's Theme song (the one playing in the video when Layton made a glider or something). It was cool (what with the violin and all) but I managed to get nothing.

    So I thought "Maybe it's better to rip it off the ROM by myself" and here I am with the song, which I wanna share to all Layton fans. [​IMG]

    I did it with no$gba free edition (at least its what the 'about' section tells me) and SONY Sound Forge 7.0. I emulated the ROM (which plays at full speed) and recorded it. [​IMG]

    Problems are:
    1) The quality is... well a bit poor [​IMG] . It sounds good, but there are these noises I can't remove no matter how hard I tried (while the other songs plays fine, without ANY noise, dammit! [​IMG] )

    2) I don't know where to post it or even if such a thing is allowed [​IMG]

    Since I'm a total slacker (meaning I'm too lazy to look for the thing) can anybody tell me where to post it? Or if such a thing is allowed?

    Many thanks before