1. Tyler.Arg

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    Apr 23, 2011
    United States
    Well here is the deal, I'm having a problem with the Wario Land The Shake Dimension and Mario Galaxy 2.

    I had the CIos 249 rev17 when I bought my wii last week, so I updated It with ModMii to the rev21d2x_3.
    Before I updated It I was able to play both games just fine, but now when I try to play them, some issues happens.
    In Wario when Loading with Cios 249 after choosing the stage I get the message: "Communications with the Wii Remote have been interupted".
    With Cios 222 I choose the stage then It stays on the loading screen forever.
    In Mario Galaxy 2 I get a black screen on start up.
    Does anyone know what is happening?
    Above Is a list of what I updated in my wii:

    * IOS11v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS20v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS30v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS50v14889(IOS50v4889[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS60v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS70v16687(IOS70v6687[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS80v6944[FS-ES-NP]
    * cIOS202[57]-v5
    * cIOS223[37-38]-v4
    * cIOS222[38]-v5
    * cIOS224[57]-v5
    * cIOS249[56]-v21d2x3
    * cIOS250[57]-v21d2x3
    * RVL-cmios-v4_WiiGator_GCBL_v0.2
    * IOS9-64-v1034
    * IOS12-64-v526
    * IOS13-64-v1032
    * IOS14-64-v1032
    * IOS15-64-v1032
    * IOS17-64-v1032
    * IOS21-64-v1039
    * IOS22-64-v1294
    * IOS28-64-v1807
    * IOS31-64-v3608
    * IOS33-64-v3608
    * IOS34-64-v3608
    * IOS35-64-v3608
    * IOS36-64-v3608
    * IOS37-64-v5663
    * IOS38-64-v4124
    * IOS41-64-v3607
    * IOS43-64-v3607
    * IOS45-64-v3607
    * IOS46-64-v3607
    * IOS48-64-v4124
    * IOS53-64-v5663
    * IOS55-64-v5663
    * IOS56-64-v5662
    * IOS57-64-v5919
    * IOS58-64-v6176
    * IOS61-64-v5662

    I do not have much knolege about all this Cios and techincals stufs, but with the info that I gave I hope you guys can help me.

    Many Thanks.
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  2. Stigmatic

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    Aug 24, 2009
    How are you starting your games? With what loader? USB or disc?
    You should probably try to update your loader if you haven't done so.

    The cios you have installed to 223 have worked for almost every game for me when playing from USB btw.
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