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    Aug 5, 2006
    United States
    I have a M3 Mini and everything seems to be working fine except real time saves for GBA games. I'm using the V27A loader and Firmware 28. My NDS games saves fine. When I hit the A+B+L+R I get the menu to save and load and all the other commands. But when I pick to save it boots me back to the game. When I click load it boots me back to the game. Same if I hit go to main menu it puts me back in the game. I have restarted the game and it says it saving the file but no saves happen. Am I missing something about real time saving? Every GBA game I have tried has done this. I figure I hit save then just hit Load when I restart and I would start back where it left off. In the Game manager I click on Real Time Saving and everything else I leave to default any help be great.

    * Umm ok I should of looked harder question was answered. You have to unzip the rom first and then put it on. By doing that it fixed the problem*
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