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Mar 13, 2021
United Kingdom
I brought a wii a week ago and i decided to hack it with homebrew.

I followed a guide i found on a forum and i cant get the usb loader to work.

I used modmii (im certain its not one of the fakes ive read about) to homebrew my wii using the letterbomb exploit. I've made a nand back up and i have priloader installed. Modmii installed 42 wad files and the cIOS look to be installed correctly.

Ive tried putting wmfs files on my memory stick, the loader can see them but i get a black screen when i try to launch it from either usb loader gx or wiiflow.
Ive also tried using wfms manager to put an iso on my memory stick and the wii cant see the file at all.

Usb loader gx goes straight to 100% when trying to install a game and gets stuck.
When i go on to title sources and select nand channels and EmuNand and go back and try and click on an option i can hover over it so it selects then i can click it but i can only do this once per option with the selection doing nothing so i have to reset the wii because i cant go anywhere. (sorry if thats hard to make sense of)
I cant go from usb loader gx to the wii menu but it black screens and i have to reset the wii.

I have updated the homebrew channel, usb loader gx, d2x Cios, wiiflow and i cant seem to reslove anything. Im loading the loader from the homebrew not the forwarder. Ive searched and searched, ive tried installing the cIOS's again but nothings changed.
D2x cIOS doesnt have a version 8 option which seems to have worked for some people. I only have v4,5,6 beta52 and beta 53

I didnt want to be the one to have to ask on a forum but i really have tried searching as much as possible to solve my problem but now i need help

Thank you in advance


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Mar 2, 2021
United States
There could be several things to fix but one I'll point out is that USB thumbdrive compatibility is very hit or miss with Wii USB loaders. For testing purposes, try using a USB (ideally 2.0) external drive rather than your memory stick. Before troubleshooting USB Loader GX you can check if your USB drive is working with the Wii at all by using a different program in the apps folder on your SD card (like an emulator) and putting files for it to use on the USB drive (i.e., ROMs) - if you can find/navigate to those files in that other program, you know the Wii is mounting your USB drive.

As for the USB loader. Do you mean "wbfs" files and manager? WBFS manager is outmoded these days. The general recommendation is that your USB drive should be formatted fat32 with 32k clusters, and you should use Wii Backup Manager to add/manage games. There's a chance that you have a bad dump, so don't assume you have a problem with the loader if the same wbfs file isn't working - try a different file.

Don't worry about anything with emunand yet. That's another dimension of modifications you should hold off on until you get your USB loader (Wii games) sorted.
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