Problems with homebrew 9emulatores) 1.08 + ios 58.

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    I'm having some problems with Wii64 and Gxgeo.

    My wii is and 4.1U softmoded by modmii + pimpmywii 2.11 (it tellme that evarything are instaled ok ...).
    Cios rev21 249 -> 57 -> 249 (To allow Cod Black Ops By IOS 250 on USBloader GX)
    Homebrew Channel 1.08 using Ios 58
    Prilloader 0.6

    So, my HD have two partitions, the first one WBFS and the second one Fat32 (Set as "active")

    1)Wii64 (emulator) SOlVED - New version of the emulatores Add suport to Ios 58 - Link:
    Is in my Fat32 (app and folders + roms) but when i open the emulator it cant find my roms and don't open any folder on sdcard or usb (when instaled on sdcard it works very well.
    How do i solve this?
    Ps;. On homebrew channel 1.07 using Ios 61 it works 100% ok.

    2)Gxgeo (emulator) No solution Yet
    Is in my Fat32 (app and folders + roms) but when i open the emulator it tellme to press home to come back to homebrew channel or press 1 or 2 to load roms, but when i press 1 or 2 nothingh happens.. if i press home it bringsme back to hombrew channel.
    How do i solve this?
    Ps:. Tryed on homebrew channel 1.07 on Ios 61 and didn't works too.

    Any way to install more than one homebrew channel at the same time or choose the ios that i will use on my homebrew channel?

    Any way to solve in another way?

    Thx very much biggrin.gif