problems with guitar hero 5 dlc

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by owlman, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Hi, I'm having some trouble running GH5 DLC from the SD card. I can run the DLC from the system memory fine, but when I run it from the SD Card, it only works the first time, then when I try to play it again, it gives an error saying the DLC is already on the Wii System Memory and is already up to date, it then returns to the main menu.

    Now what I've noticed is that the game will not run the DLC directly from the SD card, instead it copies to the Wii System Memory and runs it from there. After completing the song, it attempts to, and fails, to delete the song from the system memory, but the game assumes it successfully deleted it and is ready to copy it. This is where the error occurs with DLC fails to load on the 2nd play. It can not copy from the SD card the 2nd time because the game checks if the copy on Wii System Memory is up to date, and stops the copy if it is. You get the error message and get booted to the main menu. Rebooting the system forces the system to repopulate the song list and after that, the song will no longer load from SD because anything on Wii System Memory takes priority over anything on the SD card (you will no longer see the SD icon next to the downloaded song if its on both the Wii System Memory and SD card)

    This leads me to believe that the game is being denied permission to delete from the Wii System memory, but because the game was designed around always having full access, it doesn't do any checks to see if it was allowed to delete.

    Is there any way allow the game to delete from the Wii System Memory, maybe an IOS that gives something other than the disc channel full access to the Wii System Memory or is that out of the scope of current Wii hacking.

    Will I always be forced to run DLC from SD with the game run through the Disc Channel or will there be a fix for this.
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    This is a problem with how the cIOSes handle SD and NAND access. The only way to get DLC to work properly is to run the retail game disc from the disc channel without cIOSCORP installed.