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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Hi guys, I've had a DSTT for about 3 days now and everything's worked fine. Today I downloaded MegaETK (a homebrew game) and DSOrganize (a DS homebrew app that I'm sure many of you are familiar with) off of this site. I put them on my micro SD, put it in my DSTT, you know the whole deal, and I encountered a problem with each.

    First, when playing MegaETK, when trying to make a new game/save a game it says "Read slots...Error. No device found." So I can't save the game. Then, I tried out DSOrganize and it's confusing the hell out of me. I tapped the browser button and it brings me to my flashcart's directory, almost like its asking me to locate the browser file. I couldn't find it but when I tapped something just as a guess it told me that "You haven't patched DSOrganize with any DLDI file. The Chishm loader requires you to have a DLDI patched DSOrganize or a dldi file in your resources directory." DLDI? No idea what that is. I decide to research the problem with MegaETK, and a guy, just like me, couldn't save. They told him he needed to patch it with DLDI. I found out that DLDI is some sort of interface that you need to patch homebrew stuff with. But the DLDI filelist that I saw when reading the thread about DLDI didn't have the DSTT on there. And then I read that DSTT automatically has DLDI. Can someone help me? What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, a step by step walkthrough would be great. >_
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    FFS, stop posting new threads all the time!

    Edit:Btw I've had that problem with MegaETK too on my flashcarts, but I don't care about it anymore.
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    I've never used MegaETK, so I can't help you there.

    DSOrganize has both a file browser and a Web browser. My guess is that you launched the file browser, thinking that it was the Web browser. The file browser is for copying, moving, renaming files on your microSD card.

    DSOrganize has a great website with excellent documentation here.

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    I believe the the MegaETK does not support DLDI, for reasons I don't know. Therefore, you will be unable to play it without some type of patch...

    As for DS Organize, I have no idea.