Problems with 3DS system after installing Homebrews MenuHax (Present Icons)

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    Aug 14, 2016
    Hello 3ds hacking community,

    I recently attempted to install the homebrew launcher on my 3ds system using browserhax and MenuHax. Browserhax worked absolutely fine without any problems, however i had a few problems when trying to install MenuHax. I looked around on the MenuHax github page and found out that by deleting the 'extdata' folder on my 3DS memory card would allow MenuHax to be installed correctly and it worked.

    After installing MenuHax via this method though, i realised that all of the games and applications that i have downloaded from the Nintendo Eshop (such as YouTube and Super Mario Bros) were all taken out of the folders i created on my Home Menu, and have been changed into Present Icons and are scattered all over my Home Menu! The first thing i did was unwrap all of my installed applications and placed them back in the folders i created for them, however when i turned off and restarted my 3DS system a bit later, i found all of my applications once again scattered all over the Home Menu shown as Present icons!

    Does anyone know why this is happening? For now i have completely uninstalled anything to do with the homebrew launcher and have reverted back to a previous backup that i made where everything works. I know some people are able to install MenuHax without any of these difficulties, but it wont install for me unless i do the 'extdata' i mentioned above. Has anyone else had this issue whilst installing MenuHax? and if so, how do i go about fixing it since im worried im damaging my 3DS by using the Homebrew Launcher.

    Ive also commented on the MenuHax github page requesting help with this issue, but no one is replying to me on there. Thank you anyone for help (Sorry that this forum post is so long and/or in the wrong place)
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    I didn't have to delete my extra data but I do have a similar situation. Each time I turn of my system, all installed apps(of course disincluding the game card and folders) bounce right back to where they are. Sucks I cant edit the home menu :/
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    This is a bug with menuhax and there is currently nothing you can do.