Problematic Games on my Elink

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    Aug 10, 2007
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    I just got my Elink 1gb GBA card a couple of days ago and it runs fine for the most part. The problem is it won't run two games I really wanted to play on it: Elevator Action Old and New and Pinball Challenge Deluxe. Pinball crashes immediately if I try to run it and Elevator Action crashes before I can get too far on the first stage. I tried both of these games on VBA and they run perfectly though [​IMG] so I'm fairly sure they're not bad dumps. What I want to know is if someone with an Elink was successful in getting these to work on theirs (and don't tell me to get a better card because I can't afford it at the moment [​IMG] )
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    Nov 30, 2006
    I follow you with that, just tried with elink software V5.4a + loader 3.3.. i get stuck with a black screen for both titles. Let's hope a future client/loader will correct that, that's why i keep my EFA aside it can be too helpful with that sort of incompatibility cases.
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    i'd say email them. i emailed them awhile back to request a better english translation, i partially got what i wanted with the new update