Problem with Wii Sports Resort

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    Feb 14, 2007
    EDIT: Resolved - Well I answered my own question, game loads with 002 fix and launches from GX Loader now. Still I'm curious why it didn't work in the first place.


    Info: FW 4.0E, GX Loader r694, CIOS Rev 14

    First I tried loading Wii Sports Resort via GX Loader alone. I set the options to Alternate DOL: YES from Disc (didn't stick a disc in!) and Error 002 FIX: ON. When I launched the game it would go to a black screen and the wiimote would turn off. I thought even without a disc it would try to run the WSR intro video from the HDD, but it didn't.

    Next I tried with Wiisports burnt at 4x and inserted that with the same settings as my initial attempt. I would get a black screen when launching.

    So I tried Wii Sports Resort via the normal disc channel, and this worked without problem. Now a save has been made in the game, so I assume that if I try to launch it via GX Loader that it would work? I have yet to try it but it is the next thing I will try after playing WSR for a bit.

    Thanks in advance for any advice to get this problem resolved.