problem with usb enclosure and 2.5'' HDD

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  1. luke_70it

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    Oct 7, 2003
    I bought an Hitachi 5k500 (2.5'' 500Gb SATA HDD) pre-assembled in a thiny enclosure (with a logo similar to Sony Vaio ;-))
    I created 2 partitions:
    - first one (156 Gb) is Fat32 formatted and set as active
    - second one (310 Gb) is WBFS formatted

    I have no problem with WBFS partition, but my Wii can't read fat32 partition: homebrews can't find a usb device and often code dump.

    Can you tell me if this is a problem related to HDD model, enclosure or wrong configuration (I used Gparted live to partition HDD and format the fat32 portion.

    Thank you
  2. lostdwarf

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    Nov 2, 2008
    i have the exact same issue.

    i use a toshiba 320gig 2.5",
    i had 2 partitions till i realised they wont work on wii yet, one 100gig one 200gig (with nearly 20gig eaten up by windows cac) i had fat on the 100 but wii would never read it at all but this way at least my pc could recognise it. your pc will not recognise wbfs drives unless you use wbfs manager or something.

    now i have joined it all back together and format since wii wouldnt see my movies or music or pictures soooo.... 300gig in wbfs and beardface's coverflow usb loader and thats keeping me happy.

    by the way when i had the whole drive (all 320gig in a single drive partitions) as fat my wii would see it using loadmii for homebrew and mplayerCE for media.

    so it seems its partitions that are making the wii struggle.

    by the way i have sys menu 4.0(installed cios9 then updated through ninty and patched ios60), ciosrev10, usb2.0.