1. Knolli

    OP Knolli GBAtemp Regular

    May 19, 2006
    today i get my M3 with the Passkey2.
    The M3 works perfect, but if i want to flash my DSlite (white, JAP-version) it doesn't work.

    These are my steps:
    1.) Turning on DS and starting GBA-Mode
    2.) Loading K2_HW04.gba
    3.) The following screen appears:
    NDS Passkey2 Hardware Loader
    Ver4.0 (322)

    Please inseart programming adapter and Passkey2 into GBA slot

    [select] - confirm

    4.) Then remove the M3 out of the GBA-Slot and put the programming adapter with the Passkey2 on it into the GBA-Slot.
    5.) I press select
    6.) Then the following screen appears:
    Unable to perform programming.
    Please Check the connection of Adapter and Passkey2

    Whats wrong with this? =/
    And what can i do?

    I pray for help T_T

    PS: The switch on the backside of the Passkey2 is set on Passkey2, of course.
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