Problem with linking GH Drums to MIDI out using GlovePIE

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    Feb 1, 2008
    I wanted to hook up my old GHWT kit and see how it works and maybe record a cover :creep:
    but since some frequency of hitting the drum (for example the yellow cymbal) it stays "true" and no more hits are detected until I slow down with hits.
    Here is the PIE file:
    pie.FrameRate = 100Hz		 //even changing rates and speeds doesn't help it works same way without changing them
    wiiremote.samplerate = 100Hz
    wiidrums.samplerate = 100Hz
    wiiremote.frequency = 100Hz
    wiidrums.frequency = 100Hz
    wiidrums.hasspeed = 100Hz
    midi.DeviceOut = 2		   //LoopBe1 is the second device on my PC[/font]
    midi.DefaultChannel = 10	 //channel 10 is for drums
    midi.acousticsnare = Wiidrums.Red
    midi.closedhihat = Wiidrums.Yellow
    midi.HighMidTom = Wiidrums.Blue
    midi.BassDrum1 = Wiidrums.Pedal
    midi.crashcymbal1 = Wiidrums.Orange
    midi.LowFloorTom = Wiidrums.Green
    debug = wiidrums.Yellow	  //example
    The drums are working fine on Wii.
    There are two ways to help me:
    1. Help with GlovePIE script
    2. If you know C++ library that can send midiOn signal for certain note on certain channel to certain MIDI device it will help too. If I have a library like that then I could wirte a C++ app that'll do the thing.

    Thanks for any advice!