Problem with Fire Emblem Echoes EUR, a JAP O3DS and DLCs

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    Jan 10, 2014
    I don't know if this has been asked before, if it was, I'm sorry, I haven't seen it :ohnoes:

    I've a cartridge EUR Fire Emblem Echoes and a Japanese Old 3DS, and when I download the DLCs from the FreeShop, inside the game it appears as if I don't have any DLC installed. I tried activating the Luma option for the out of region DLC, but nothing. Also, I tried the Luma Locale Switcher, but the same. I thought that maybe it was like a seasson pass, because I've tried before with a cia from that iso site, but when I click on the button to download the DCL separately, it says that I don't them, and when it tries to redirect me to the eShop for download them, it gives a 003-0399 error because the region of the eShop is different from the one of the game, I suposse.
    I'm still in arm9 and Luma 7.0.7-725a8257 (I will update everything soon, when I receive my new SD). Thanks in advance :)