Problem with EZflash 3in1 (possibly brick?) HELP!!

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    Sep 21, 2009
    so here is the deal... i bought a EZflash 3in1 and an Acekard 2i off the web.
    everything works fine and all, i'm able to play GBA games directly from the Acekard with AKAIO.
    BUT Akaio doesn't allow me to chose with save goes on the NOR's SRAM, so i had to use GBA exploader for that, i downloaded 0.58b and flashed the game (pokemon Sapphire) with my desired save file.
    but when the "Erasing NOR" bar is at 11%, it freezes.... i waited a lot, and it froze FOREVER.
    i turned my DS off (no other choice), and when i booted it up, the Acekard's front menu recognize it as POKEMON SAPP, wich is ok, but when i try to play it, it glitches the screen and sound and freezes with a white screen (bad transfer from the GBA Exploader i guess).

    so, my reaction was booting up GBA exploader so i could erase the faulty NOR and write the game again, right?

    but NO, it says the infamous "The Slot2 expansion pack was not found, please redo from start" message.
    tried to put it in and out a million times, cleaned the contacts, blowed up on the slot... NOTHING worked.

    now neither the Acekard 2i nor the GBA Exploader recognizes my 3in1... i tried everything i could.
    here's hoping there is a way to bring my 3in1 back to life! [​IMG]


    EDIT: Upon further research, i've found out that these things CAN'T brick because they have no software on them, so it's obviously a hardware issue... i think dead batteries? but if the batteries are dead, it won't save but it'll still appear on the GBA exploader, right? i've opened it up and it's perfect, all wires are on the right place... can dead batteries cause the 3in1 to not be found by the GBA Exploader?
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    Yes, try replacing the batteries in your 3in1. Google for a guide on how to do it.