Problem with deleting lots of Home-Themes

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by noX1609, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. noX1609

    noX1609 B9S freak ;)

    Aug 30, 2016
    Have a Problem with homemenuthemes and i hope i'm in the right section here. If not please don't delete the thread, please move it to the right section.

    I downloaded installed the DLC Pack for a Game (in the moment i can't remember the name but can loook later) and after it was finished it said "900 Home Screen Designes were installed" or somthing like that (didn't wrote down the message on a piece of paper).

    The Problem is: When i now try to open the Theme Menu to select one i always get the message that there are more then 300 Themes installed and i have to remove some of them to make the list working again.

    Does anyone got a similar error message and can tell how i can fix that without deleting the Standart themes? Becuase deleting the nearly 900 manually one by one would take two days or so^^

    Please help me so i can install only the themes i want (doesn't have already one but here in the board i hope to find some :)
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    Make your own CIA theme pack.
  3. noX1609

    noX1609 B9S freak ;)

    Aug 30, 2016
    Ok think i got it. With this tool i can create own themes. But actually the problem is that the n3dsxl always displays this Error

    The function can't be used because you have installed 420 Designes to much. Would you like to choose a Design to delete?

    When i press A then i can only choose 1 Theme and delete it. After that the message popps up again.

    So i have installed 420 to much installed and have to delete some of them (better all except the Standart Themes). I don't want to delete them manually so is there no option to delete all except the original ones, they should stay on the console.

    So is there any tool or Homebrew to delete all installed Themes except the standard ones?
    Or should i try to delete the dlc the themes were installed from?

    EDIT: Fixed it.
    Under Settings Data Management - Nintendo 3DS - Zusätzliche Inhalte(have a german 3DS maybe its called Extra Content or something like that. Its the second thing from the bottom). There was an entry "Themes".
    I uninstalled it and now the Theme Manager works again without a problem :)
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