Problem with CD / DVD drive

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  1. DuFF_xD

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    Oct 31, 2007
    Hey, I'm new here, but I would like to ask some questions.

    I've been burning some images now for Wii, and mostly, I got it right, I have more than 20 games that I can play, burning using ImgBurn, and my CD / DVD drive from LG (GSA-H54N)

    But all of a sudden, the drive couldn't read any more virgin DVDs, or even CDs. It just reads regular CDs/ DVDs, like games, audio CDs, movies DVDs, and therefore, I can't burn Wii iso's anymore.

    I tryed burning Manhunt 2 today, but ImgBurn just stopped right before writing the image. Same with CloneCD.
    Then I tryed using my laptop, with another drive, and it burned normally, but the DVD was not recognized by my Wii.

    Any tips? I need help please!
  2. GhostHawk

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    Sep 3, 2007
    United States
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Chances are it's time to get a new burner. I have had several burners & hard drives die on me after consistanty heavy use. LG and TDK are the drive manufacturers I use the most. Don't waste your time with laser lens cleaning products. Just dig out $40 and buy another "disposable drive".

    On a side note.. I use Maxell DVD-R's that Office Depot has on sale quite often. You can usually pick them up for about $30 per 100 pack (on sale). I get average ratios of 1 dud per 100 DVD's. Not bad for 30 cents a piece!