Homebrew Problem with Ace Attorney Investigations; Case 5


May 8, 2022
United States
I've resolved this problem, but for people that also have this problem: get either DeSmuMe or DraStic. Get a save file with Turnabout Ablaze unlocked, (if you are using DraStic and past the beginning of the case, it has a cheat to enable fast-forwarding for all text.) And start from the beginning of the case. Play until you get a little bit past the crash to be safe, but don't make a savestate yet. First, save in the game, (as in use the start button to open the save menu.) And make sure it's saved. Now you can make a savestate. (The reason you have to do this (as far as I know) is normal savestates will be found in the "savestates" folder as a .dss file, which to my knowledge cannot be converted into a .sav file. However, a .dsv file can be converted into a .sav file and vice versa. Once again, I'm not entirely sure as I haven't researched it much and there's not much information.)
Now, after you've made a savestate the way directed in the guide, (I'm not sure how to do it on PC, as I used the Android method, but I'm think there's a way to do it on PC. Sorry for the poor guide.)
If you're using Android (like I did), get CX file explorer. Set it up, and then open "main storage". Go to DraStic, then check "Savestates". There should be a .dsv file, NOT a .dss file. If it's a .dss file, try the save trick again. If it worked, congrats! I'm using FW3ds (Forwarder3ds). If you already have it set up, you should be able to just rename the .dsv file to .sav and put it in the "saves" folder inside the "games" folder. (I don't know many other formats, but there should be other guides for importing save files out there.) If not, It's mostly just trial and error, and it might take a few tries.
Once again, sorry for the poor quality guide, but I hope this at least helps a few people.


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