Hacking Problem: Starting SSBB with custom textures


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May 27, 2012
I have a problem that I can't seem to fix.
I have for quite a while been using cfg usb loader to load my games from a HDD. [So I don''t use discs]
I also play SSBB pal [full original size] from my HDD. [I used Wii Back-up Manager to get it on my HDD]

But now I want to add custom textures to my characters and stages.

So I followed quite a few tutorials and this is what I have done so far:

- I have placed Ghecko OS in a folder in apps on my SD-card [1 GB] [I had Ghecko Os 1931, but replaced it with 191].
- I have used Code Manager to encode the pal code in this link http://www.smashboar...207#post7304207 [I inserted all the numbers, so I excluded the first line ''File Replacement v2.1a' PAL [Phantom Wings, Y.S.]'']
- I have put that file as RSBP01.gct in the folder codes on my SD-card.
- I have made the folders :Private/wii/app/..etc.. and put a STGBATTLEFIELD.PAC [from kc-mm.com] in the melee folder.
- I have enabled Ocarina for SSBB in cfg usb loader.

Now when I start up Ghecko OS I launch programs and launch cfg usb loader. But when I do that it says ''no sd codes found'' and I can''t even start up ssbb [complete black screen].

What am I doing wrong?
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