Problem getting my Supercard save over to new flash cart

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  1. Kresjah

    Kresjah Newbie

    May 1, 2007
    Long story short, I have an old Supercard SD with some games on it, which I want to replace with my new M3 Lite. On that Supercard I have a Pokémon game. The Supercard only supports 64kB normal saves, whilst Pokémon requires 128kB to function properly. Attempting to save end in a corrupted .sav that doesn't want to load properly. The only workaround for this on my Supercard has been to use Real Time Save (save state, saves as .sci file), and this is what I have been doing so far.

    I now have a new M3 Lite and want to transfer my game and the save for it over to the M3. Naturally, the M3 doesn't support the .sci Real Time Save format (it's a Supercard specific format after all). This leaves me in a problematic situation; M3 doesn't support the Supercard SCI Real Time Save, the Supercard is unable to save to a normal .sav file (which the M3 would be able to support).

    Are there any converter that can handle real time saves, specifically .sci format (I have the impression there isn't)? If not, is there any other way I can recover these save games (i.e., if there is a newer Slot-2 Supercard that does support 128kB saves, and someone who'd be willing to recieve my .sci to create a proper .sav and send it back)?

  2. WigWrm

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    Apr 17, 2007
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    First make a backup of your rom.
    Use GBATA and SRAM patch your pokemon rom.
    GBATA is available in the downloads section of this site.

    Replace the pokemon rom with the new patched rom.
    It is important to make sure the rom names are both the same.
    So save the unpatched one into a folder named unpatched.
    Load your real time save and then save the game normally.

    Reboot and replay the same rom using the games save file.
    It will most likely tell you that a 1m subcircuit is missing and that
    your file is corrupt. It should however load fine.

    Take this save file from your supercard and load it onto your computer.
    Use VBA to load the patched rom and your save file. Create a snapshot in VBA.

    Use the unpatched version of your pokemon rom and run it through VBA
    and load the snapshot. Then save normally. You should now have a normal 128KB save file.

    Use the M3 Game Manager to send the game over to your microsd card.
    In the game manager software browse to your sd card. On the right hand side you will see your
    pokemon rom. Right click the file name and you will see saver manager option. Click it.
    A box will pop up and you will see the name of your rom. Left click on the name so that it is highlighted.
    On the bottom left you will see read and write .sav options. Choose the write.sav option and locate your VBA .sav file.
    The M3 game manager software will convert the save directly onto your sd card.

    Load the game on your M3 lite and enjoy!
  3. Blake Alexander

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    Sep 14, 2015
    having a similar problem, my rom will work great both on the emulator, as well as on my supercard, however when i load up the rom on the supercard it doesnt bring up my save (which is rather important as its the only reason i bought the damn thing lol)

    any help or advice appreciated :)
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