Problem extracting iso's

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    Please try to make your answer as detailed as possible as I'm kind of a noob. I recently bought a jtagged xbox 360 from ebay. I downloaded a few games. I then used an iso extractor to put to onto my external hard drive. I noticed the extractor only recognise and extracts files when they're like this.


    What in the world do I do to make it recognise files when they're like this?


    I tried to select all and extract and the file that was extracted was 7.05GB which seems right but the extractor doesn't recognise it. And what about when it's like this?


    What in the world do I do? Please be nice. I know I'm a noob but I really have been searching. Thank you [​IMG]
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    1) I don't know if you should be putting that up here, you know... Illegal as well as against the rules.

    2) Those are parts of a rar archive. Parts in rars are usually used when someone has a large file to a file sharing site that has restrictions against large files. This person probably found them from one of these, and re-rar'd them as their own. Just double click on the first one, which should open up like a normal rar file. Then, you can drag whatever is in that out.