problem accured after incerting sd2vita to my vita tv

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    EDIT2: 3.67 works like 3.65 enso for some reason. I unliked the card from vita tv and that worked for some reason. But still, why in my system settings I have 3.67 OFW and everything still works fine?!

    EDIT: ok... so I unistalled enso 3.65 and did all the h-encore proccess to my psvita 2000, after that I installed enso again and guess what?!

    For some reason the psvita boots with the enso logo I can open vita shell normally BUT!!!! in system settings it says that I have 3.67 official firmware! !?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    of cource my sd2vita still asks me to format it


    I have a psvita 2000 and used henaku since 3.60 and updated to 3.65 enso before h-encore.

    Yesterday I used h-encore on my vita tv 3.65 and worked like charm with the same sd2vita I used on my 2000 but after incerting my sd2vita back to my 2000 it says that I have to update my sofrware or format it...

    both systems have 3.65 enso the only difference is that my psvita 2000 have the "old" enso 3.65
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