Prince of Tennis - Crystal Drive 2005

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    I've watched a fair bit of the anime of POT and i enjoy it, plus i heard that this game was fairly good, so recently i tried it out.
    I'm enjoying it alot, but am struggling a bit with some special moves and was wondering about some stuff.

    From testing i've done special moves with L=R + A or B depending on the character.

    From faqs i've read, i gather that when both bars are full you can press L+R+X to activate a special mode.

    I have been successfull at both of these.

    Sooo how do i do the other special moves characters have? my knowledge allows me to do 1 or 2 moves (if a character has a special serve)???

    Particularly the mega power shots which injure the opponent.

    Some Faqs seem to be telling me that some moves can be done with these button combos: ie

    R1+X or O

    what the hell does O mean? there is no O button on the DS

    These faqs are hard to read!

    Any general or specific advice/help on this game would be appreciated!!!

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    I LOL'ed
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